Security awareness is about bringing attention to the importance of good security behaviors and habits, and shining a light on the resources you need to be safer and more secure both online and off.  We want to help you learn how to reduce your cybersecurity risks and protect yourself from information security leaks, identity theft, scams and other forms of fraud. Please use the resources we provide to improve your own security habits, and share them with your friends and family throughout the year to encourage strong cybersecurity habits.

  • Security Tips to Secure Your Cell Phone from Hackers
    Most people can’t live without their cellphone. So much of their lives are on their phones, from the names and contact information of their coworkers, friends, and relatives, to personal text messages and photos. It’s no wonder you wouldn’t want this information falling into the wrong hands. Here are a few things you can do to keep your cell phone secure and how to secure your phone from hackers. Wifi A lot of people connect to WiFi to save data, but often, public WiFi networks – that are open for […]
  • Ransomware: One Year Since Colonial Pipeline
    This week marks the one year anniversary since the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. It was among the first ransomware attacks that gained such broad attention because of its impact – soaring gas prices and headline news. In the Year Since Ransomware has only increased and become more prevalent: Ransomware is now part of 10% of all breaches, doubling in frequency in 2021 (Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report) 80% of companies said they were attacked with of some form of ransomware in 2021 (Global State of Industrial Cybersecurity) The FBI reported […]
  • World Password Day
    May 5, 2022, is World Password Day! Computer chip maker Intel first created World Password Day — the first Thursday of May — to address the critical need for strong and secure passwords.   Improve your Password Security Learn more about how you can improve your password security, as well as some common password mistakes – including sharing your passwords with others, writing them down, and reusing passwords. Check your Passwords Take time to check to see if your password has been part of a breach, by visiting https://haveibeenpwned.com. Use […]
  • How to Spot Tax Scams
    Tax season can be stressful, complicated, and confusing. With all the confusion around it, scammers love to take advantage of tax season. Scammers Love Tax Scams There are a lot of scams, but few are as effective as tax scams. Scammers know that people will do just about anything to avoid getting in trouble with the IRS – including returning a threatening phone message or sending them money or gift cards. With most tax scams, criminals are looking for personal information, money, or both. Here are some common tax related […]
  • FBI Warns of QR Code Phishing
    Quick response codes, also called QR codes, have exploded in popularity during the pandemic. Many restaurants and shops started using the contactless tool to let people look at menus and other – normal printed materials – on their phones. The FBI recently issued a warning that cybercriminals are using QR codes to redirect unsuspecting users to malicious sites that can steal their information.   QR Codes Exploded During the Pandemic The square bar codes have popped up on table tents at many local restaurants to let users view their menus […]
  • How to Quickly Spot a Phishing Email
    The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center finds that people lose billions of dollars to phishing schemes each year. Scammers know people are getting smarter, so they’re always getting better and improving their tactics. That’s why many phishing emails try to look like they’re from a company or person you know and trust. Usually, it looks like it’s from an online store, shipping company, bank, credit card company, or social networking site.   Unexpected Email Messages So the first sign that an email could be phishing is that it’s unexpected. It’s […]
  • Securing the Smart Devices on your Christmas List
    It’s exciting to tear into your holiday gifts, but after the excitement fades and it’s time to set up those smart devices and other electronic gifts, there are a few things to remember to keep your home and your information safe from cyber attackers.   WIFI First, most devices will need to connect to your home WiFi network. Make sure your router has at least WPA2 encryption enabled (although WPA3 is even better) and that it’s secured with a strong, unique password. You might even consider creating a separate guest […]
  • Watch Out for These Top Holiday Shopping Scams
    Holiday shopping is in full swing, and there will be plenty of talk about porch pirates. While it’s estimated that over 35 million Americans have been victims with losses of over 5.4 billion dollars each year, there are cybercriminals preparing to steal your holiday cheer without leaving their computers. The Top 3 Holiday Shopping Scams 1. PHANTOM PURCHASE SCAM A scam that has grown significantly over the past few years is the phantom purchase scam. This involves a phishing email or phishing phone call (sometimes called vishing, for voice phishing) […]