social engineer halloween costume

As we emerge from COVID lockdowns, parties and gatherings are taking off, and as Halloween approaches, consider these cybersecurity Halloween costume ideas to dress up and make your friends aware of some important cybersecurity topics:

Phishing Email

The first thing most people think of when it comes to cybersecurity is phishing. According to research phishing is the first place most cybersecurity issues and breaches start. So it’s quite an appropriate costume to represent information security.

For this costume, you can simply dress as a fisherman and stick a piece of mail on the end of your fishing like that says “phishing email.” Another idea is to dress as an envelop or email and carry around a phishing pole. You could also carry a “spear” if you wanted to explain to people what “spear phishing” is.

Computer Virus

Phishing is the most common way that individuals end up downloading harmful computer viruses. Due to COVID, there are a lot more “virus” costumes than in the past. You could wear one of these costumes, or one of these masks with a computer shirt and go to your Halloween party as a computer virus.


Ransomware has taken off this year and gotten a lot of publicity, especially from the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware attack. If you want to embellish this costume, you could carry around a gasoline can as a reference to the pipeline attack, or simply put a sign with “data” on your shirt.

Ransomware Halloween Costume


Dangerous Free Public Wifi

Public wifi often isn’t very secure, which is why cybersecurity professionals recommend using a VPN – especially when using public wifi. Where this shirt or sign along with almost any scary costume, and you’re “dangerous” free public wifi.

Dangerous Free Wifi Costume

A Strong Password

In cybersecurity we’re always encouraging people to come up with strong passwords. Passwords are the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your computer and personal information. The stronger your password, the more protected your computer will be from hackers and malicious software. If you’re muscular, and looking for a cheap and easy costume, here you go. Strong password halloween costume

Social Engineering

We talk a lot in cybersecurity about social engineering. It’s the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes. Here’s a creative way to convey that information security concept. All it takes is a security outfit and a social media sticker.

social engineer halloween costume


 Identity Theft

The real fear of having your data stolen in a breach is identity theft. With your personal information, someone can impersonate you and leave you holding the bill. You can either buy this shirt from Amazon, or you can make your own. Simply buy a bunch of “Hello, my name is” stickers and write different names on it. Cheap and creative!

Red Team

If you’ve got a group of people and you’re looking for a cheap, easy and work-appropriate cybersecurity costume, you can simply all where red and go as the “red team.” If you’re not familiar, the “red team” in information security are the folks that work as internal hackers to expose vulnerabilities. There’s also a “blue team” and “purple team” (if you prefer different colors).

cybersecurity red team costume


The Classic Hacker

The classic symbol of a hacker is the Guy Fawkes mask and a black hoodie. How did this happen? The online hacktivist group Anonymous has used it for Project Chanology, the Occupy movement, Anonymous for the Voiceless, and other anti-establishment protests around the world. The publicity around their hacks have made this the default look of a hacker. If you wanted to embellish this costume, you could add a white or black hat to the ensemble. A “white hat” is an ethical hacker, while a “black hat” is not.

hacker halloween costume


Cloud Security

With everything moving to the cloud, there’s an extra emphasis on making sure that it’s secure. Developers have to make sure there are no misconfigurations, especially after the recent Twitch breach. If you wanted to embellish this costume, get a chain and lock to wrap around this outfit.


Security Patch

Nowadays everything requires a security patch to prevent hacking. You’d be surprised how many things need security updates. You might know about getting a “security patch” to update electronics. In cybersecurity, there’s also something called “Patch Tuesday” which is when many popular pieces of software roll out updates every week. Here are a couple of simple costume ideas to highlight security patching.

security patch costume security patch tuesday costume


A Threat Actor

Threat actors are the people who intend to get past cybersecurity to conduct dangerous or malicious activities. While this one is a bit of a stretch, you could dress like any threatening character, and carry around a clap board like this, to indicate that you are a threat “actor.” Punny, I know!


threat actor costume


If all else fails – Error 404

When a webpage doesn’t exist, the standard webpage you get is called an “Error 404” page. So if you can’t find a costume you like, this is a cheap and easy – and admittedly lazy – Halloween costumer for technology geeks.

If you’ve got other ideas, please share them with us below.

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